Video: Uzbek Jihadists Strike Against Pakistani Forces In Waziristan

(AKA Islamic Jihad Group)
The Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), AKA Islamic Jihad Group, released a new propaganda video titled: "Badr at-Tawheed." The video runs a little over 35 minutes and includes footage from an IJU training camp in Waziristan on the Afghan-Pakistan boarder.

The footage shows a group of Jihadists, as well as small children, undergoing training on the use of various weapons and martial arts. Some shots show Jihadists making and detonating explosives by group members. This is followed by clips depicting various attacks carried out against Pakistani forces in the north part of Waziristan.

Images of the aftermath of one of the attacks shows bodies of Pakistani troops scattered around the wreckage of destroyed army vehicles. The group said such attacks aimed to avenge the victims of the Red Mosque, a mosque located in Islamabad that was stormed in July of last year.

The IJU was recently linked to the plot to attack Frankfurt Airport and the US military airbase at Ramstein in Germany last September.