Video Shows German Militant Calling for Jihad

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A four minute clip from a video series entitled: Badr at-Tawheed was released on several Jihadi websites. The video features an interview in German with a 20-year-old Nuenkirchen native and convert to Islam called Eric B. and known as Abdul Ghafar.

Abdul Ghaffar is well known by German security services, which on April 4th issued a warning of possible terrorist attacks from two German citizens including Eric B. He is thought to have traveled from Germany to Egypt, then to Dubai, Iran and Pakistan before reaching his final destination, Afghanistan, and received extensive training by the Taliban in Waziristan.

This video series was launched recently "to take revenge from those who humiliated the prophet," as is stated in the video. "To the brothers of monkeys and pigs we say, we shall strike against you, right in the heart of your own homes," the video opening warned.