Turkistan Militants Release Suicide Attack Video

(Islamic Party of Turkistan )
The Islamic Party of Turkistan (IPT) released a 14-minute video depicting a car bomb attack on what appeared to be an army convoy stationed in an open area surrounded by mountains at an unspecified location in Turkistan.

The undated video does not show much of the attack itself. It opens with footage showing militants preparing large quantities of a white explosive before putting it into mortar shells and small bags, wiring the mortars and the bags and placing them into mango boxes in a pick-up truck.

The video also includes a statement by the alleged suicide bomber who is identified as "Osama the Turkish" and is seen standing in the middle of a field sporting his machine gun as he makes his final speech. He is also seen in different outfits throughout the video, which is accompanied by the typical chanting used in videos produced by al Qaeda and other jihadi groups. Closing shots show
"Osama the Turkish" dressed in a black traditional dress and a black turban.

The IPT's website portrays the party as a Salafist group that seeks to gain independence of Eastern Turkestan from China by means of "jihad." Press reports suggest it's a small militant Muslim separatist group based in western Xinjiang province of China. It is one of the more extreme groups founded by Uighurs, the Turkic-speaking ethnic majority in Xinjiang. The US State Department says the group has received "training and funding" from Osama bin Laden and that ETIM militants fought in the ranks of al-Qaeda against the United States in the Operation Enduring Freedom. In January 2002, a Chinese government study reported that the group has received money, weapons, and support from al Qaeda. According to the report, some militants were trained by al Qaeda in Afghanistan , crossed back into Xinjiang, and set up terrorist cells there.