"True Blood" Star Ryan Kwanten: "Twilight" Not for Me!

"True Blood" star Robert Kwanten
"True Blood" star Ryan Kwanten

NEW YORK (CBS) HBO's "True Blood" star Ryan Kwanten stays 'true' to his vampire clan.

While there was an audience pulling for him to get a role in "Twilight's Breaking Dawn," he admits he didn't have any desire to be part of such a monstrous franchise.

"Not really. I see why people love it and I see why it has a huge audience. I just don't like that material, it's just not my cup of tea," he told

But like it or not, hunky vampires are a hot commodity in Hollywood these days. "The Twilight Saga" just sunk its teeth into the People Choice Awardswith eight nominations.

Could this be a battle of the vampire hunks?

No, and if he wanted to compete, he would have posed nude on the cover of Rolling Stone like some of his "True Blood" co-stars did.

'Ah no, there's no reason to. I do it somewhat willingly for 'True Blood' -- it always come from a story point that is never truly arbitrary. I can't for the life of me see why I would [pose nude], unless it was an unbelievable pitch," he explained. "I don't see why there would be a need for me to be nude on the cover of a magazine."

Kwanten is just fine with sticking to "True Blood" and is into indie films anyway - plus he's preparing for his upcoming Charles Manson role.

A native Australian, Kwanten usually ditches his accent to get into character - he is most known for his role as a southerner named Jason Stackhouse on "True Blood."

Accustomed to acting with American accents, when it came time to speaking in his native tongue in the indie outlaw-thriller "Red Hill," Kwanten had some trouble. He worked it out and realized that staying in one's comfort zone isn't what he's about.

"I'm moving into making choices that challenge me. Nothing can be more uninspiring than choosing films that are very similar to 'True Blood' or characters exactly like Jason. I'm trying to do films that are a total departure," he said.

In "Red Hill," Kwanten wasn't a typical Western hero, and for him that was the most appealing quality.

"I love playing characters with these tortured back stories and tortured souls. It is far more intriguing to me if they keep standing up after they have been knocked down," he said.

Speaking of tortured souls, Kawanten is looking forward to channeling the dark and twisted personality of Charles Mason. He is also producing the film with the writer of "The Machinist."