Todd Ricketts, Chicago Cubs Co-Owner, Goes Incognito on "Undercover Boss"

Todd Ricketts on "Undercover Boss" (CBS)
Todd Ricketts on "Undercover Boss" (CBS)

NEW YORK (CBS) He went from co-owner of a MLB team to the guy cleaning up the bathrooms at a baseball park.

Todd Ricketts, who owns the Chicago Cubs with his four siblings, was the latest top executive to be featured on CBS' "Undercover Boss" on Sunday.


While sporting a beard and glasses, Ricketts went incognito for a week and took on varied jobs at Wrigley Field but struggled to keep up with the other employees. He was even "fired" from his job as a maintenance worker because he failed to clean up the bathrooms in a timely manner.

"My boss at home tells me I'm not that good at cleaning bathrooms either," Ricketts said of his wife, Sylvie, according to the MLB.

In addition to bathroom clean-up, Ricketts also worked on the grounds crew, sold hot dogs, parked cars and worked the scoreboard.

His experience prompted him to speak with his siblings about a few improvements at the ballpark, such as setting up an efficient communication system for the facilities workers, getting an air conditioned and heated trailer for the parking lot attendants, and upgrading the employees' small break room.