"Survivor Nicaragua" Became a Battle of the Sexes

The cast of "Survivor Nicaragua"
The cast of "Survivor Nicaragua"

NEW YORK (CBS) Last night's episode of "Survivor Nicaragua" turned out to be a battle of the sexes.

The tribe was randomly split up into two teams of five for the challenge and it ironically came up as the men versus the women. Both teams had to work their way through a serious of obstacles to collect three keys that open up three locks near the finish line.

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While the women give it their all, strength was the determining factor. The men won and were rewarded with a canopy tour via zip line and a "Survivor" barbecue feast.

Chase, a former University of North Carolina football player, was the odd man out, but he was able to pick one team to win. He decided to go with the females, which may have caused a rift with his male alliances.

Brenda is getting cleverer by pulling the wool over Chase and NaOnka's eyes. She led NaOnka into believing that she doesn't trust Chase when she really does.

Naonka is sharp and conniving as well and is still going strong in the game with a hidden immunity idol to boot.

Then it came down to mind over matter for the immunity challenge. The castaways had to remember the order of random symbols displayed by Jeff Probst - and it was down to Brenda and Marty.

Who was able to nab the immunity necklace in the end? Brenda won the immunity necklace and was therefore safe from the vote at Tribal Council.

Ultimately, the Libertad tribe cast their votes, but NaOnka opts out of playing her hidden immunity idol. A shocked Marty is voted out with seven out of the eleven votes cast against him. Marty Piombo, the 48-year-old technology executive from Mill Valley, Calif., became the tenth person voted out and the second member of the jury on "Survivor Nicaragua."