Source: With Help from Neighboring Country, Al Qaeda Forms New Groups to Fight Local Council in Iraq

Al Qaeda has formed a new group in al Amiriya, West of Baghdad, called "heaven's boys" to kill members of the "awakening councils" which are fighting al Qaeda members in different parts of Iraq, according to Said Aziz Salman, the leader of the awakening council of Shate' Al Taji. Salman said similar groups have been formed other areas and specifically target leaders of the awakening councils through suicide attacks and implanting explosive devices. The group is getting financial and logistical support from a "neighboring country that pretends to care about Iraq's security and its," said Salman who refused to specify the name of that country. He also said the new group is formed of boys between the ages of 14 and 18, who are given $3 thousand for every attack, as well as a new weapon.