"SNL's" Kenan Thompson on Channeling Jimmy McMillan

Martha Stewart
SNL's Kenan Thompson channeled his latest Jimmy McMillan impersonation when Martha gave him a cookie large enough to be breakfast, lunch and dinner on her special Cookie Show edition of the Hallmark Channel series.
Martha Stewart
NEW YORK (CBS) - Politics always makes for the best comedic material.

"Saturday Night Live's" Kenan Thompson has gotten a lot of laughs by channeling New York gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan, who's known for his "rent is too damn high" rant during the debate at Hofstra University as well as for his long white beard and black gloves.

Thompson stopped by "The Martha Stewart Show" and talked about his latest impersonation that got audiences in the spirit for Election 2010.

"Oh yeah from the gubernatorial race, did anyone see the gubernatorial thing?" he said. "I mean apparently he thinks the rent is too damn high. They should bring it down."

"He has a very complicated message," Stewart said.

While the race is likely between Democrat Andrew Cuomo and Republican Carl Paladino, McMillan, the former postal worker, really made a memorable splash.

"That one just kind of fell into my lap from the comedy angles," Thompson said.

Did McMillan call Thompson after his spot-on impersonation?

"No, but I heard that he thinks he's been guaranteed victory since we've done it. He's like, 'I've won! I did it! Congratulations to me.'"

Watch Thompson's hilarious impersonation of Jimmy McMillan and compare it with the real-life McMillan: