Key Syrian Witness in Hariri Assassination Case Still in France, in Danger, Says Family

Asharq al Awsat:
The family of a key witness in the assassination case of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al Hariri have not gotten a response yet from the French government about his disappearance there two weeks ago. Mohammed Zoheir al Saddiq's son, brothers and other relatives gathered in front of the French embassy in Damascus to renew their request to the French government for information about his whereabouts. French officials had announced that al Zuheir disappeared from his house in Paris and noted he was mostly likely outside of France. Al Saddiq's bother Emad told reporters he has no information that his brother had left France, adding that he was under the protection of French intelligence service. "He did not escape from France, he disappeared forcefully." The brother said al Saddiq's called the family to inform them that he was still alive and in France, but "in danger." She asked them to keep trying to find out what happened to him. The bother Emad said the family intends to write to the United Nations to ask it to intervene if the French government does not respond.
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