Julie Bowen on Twin Sons: One is Fat and Cute, the Other is Tiny and Smart

Julie Bowen on "Conan" (TBS)
Julie Bowen on "Conan" (TBS)

NEW YORK (CBS) For actress Julie Bowen, it's easy to distinguish between her 18-month-old twin sons.

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While appearing on "Conan," the "Modern Family" star explained that one of the boys is chubby and "super cute" but "maybe not the brightest," while the other is "tiny" and uses "his noodle" to compensate for his size.

Their character difference shined during a recent day of laundry when "the smart one had gotten the fat, cute one in the dryer," Bowen shared. "I don't know how!"

"You should learn their names," Conan O'Brien joked.

Instead of freaking out, Bowen, who plays mom of three Claire Dunphy on the hit ABC series, admitted that her first instinct was to get a picture.

"A dryer is an oven that moves!" O'Brien shrieked. "You get fatty out!"

Watch the clip below.