Insurgent Group Posts Video of Humvee Attack in Mosul

A new video showing an attack on a Humvee vehicle has been posted on militant Islamist Internet forums by one of Iraq's insurgent groups on Tuesday. Ansar al Sunna claims the attack took place against a U.S. Humvee vehicle in the al Islah al Zera'ee area of al Mosul.

There is no indication on the 51-minute video of the attack's date or if there were any casualties. The large explosion seems to have missed the first vehicle of the convoy and took place just as the second one was approaching. The video shows that only the front part of the car was hit. Two sedan cars, a white and a blue one, are also seen standing on the corner of a side street in the video. The cars start moving back right before the explosion. It is unclear if members of the insurgent group watching the attack.

The Army of Ansar al Sunnah was officially formed in Sept. 2003 from a mixture of Kurdish and Arab militants to fight the US occupation of Iraq. The group is based in northern and central Iraq and led by Abu Abdullah al Hassan Bin Mahmoud; it is very similar to al Qaeda Organization but derives its support from native Salafi Iraqis. The group's most notable attack was against the refectory of the US base in Mosul, in which 22 US soldiers were killed and dozens injured.