Ill. Mega Millions winner claims prize

Illinois Moto Mart store manager Denise Metzger looks at an oversized check given to her by lottery officials Saturday morning March 31, 2012, in Red Bud, Ill. They visited the convenience store in this town of about 3,700 residents to verify that her store had indeed sold one of the three winning Mega Millions lottery tickets. The jackpot of $656 million established a new record, and may grow slightly larger as late ticket purchases are added in to the total. The oversize check Metzger holds shows the amount each of the winners could get after the three-way split from Friday night's Mega Millions drawing. The other winning tickets were sold in Maryland and Kansas.
AP Photo/Belleville News-Democrat, Tim Vizer

(AP) RED BUD, Ill. - The Illinois Lottery says the final winner of the record Mega Million jackpot has come forward.

Lottery officials said Monday that the winner will be revealed Wednesday. The single winner will be presented with a check for $218.6 million in the southern Illinois farming community of Red Bud. The winning ticket was bought at town's MotoMart convenience store along Main Street.

The March 30 drawing had three winning tickets for a record $656 million jackpot. Two winners already anonymously claimed their prizes in Maryland and Kansas. Illinois' winner used a quick pick -- an automatically generated set of digits -- to select the winning numbers.

The jackpot was the biggest in Mega Millions history.