Heat is On in "Survivor: Nicaragua"

The cast of "Survivor Nicaragua"
The cast of "Survivor Nicaragua." (CBS)

NEW YORK (CBS) A lot of property and one person - Brenda - got burned in Wednesday night's episode of "Survivor: Nicaragua."

The property damage was the result of a dumb move by the tribe, placing their wooden crates around the pit to shelter the fire from the coming rain.

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When they returned from the reward challenge, they found the fire had engulfed everything around it. The chests were gone as was the food inside them. Tools inside one box were bent and melted. Part of the tarp covering the shelter also was melted.

But this was just a sidelight. The real drama came when the once-powerful alliance led by Sash and Brenda was shattered at tribal council. Brenda, who claimed that scrambling for votes wasn't her style, was voted out. Her reaction: "Ouch."

In the end, Sash, Chase and almost everyone in her alliance voted against her. Only Brenda herself, and Purple Kelly, who confessed at tribal council to host Jeff Probst that she was out of the loop on this vote, voted for some else.

Even her closest allies, Sash and Chase, voted to send her into exile.

And now, she's on the jury!