Florida Campus Lock-Down Lifted

Florida Atlantic University campus shooting, April 30, 2008
A lock-down at Florida Atlantic University was lifted Wednesday after authorities found a suspect in an early morning campus shooting, officials said.

Two shots were fired shortly after 1 a.m. at a party in the student apartments on the Boca Raton campus, FAU Police Chief Charles Lowe said. One non-student was slightly injured, but it was not clear if that person was hit by a bullet, officials said.

Exams were canceled and students were told to stay in their dormitories as authorities searched the campus Wednesday morning.

Hours after the shooting, the suspect was found at an off-campus location, according to the school. The campus was to remain closed Wednesday and reopen for classes Thursday. Authorities have not said whether the unidentified male suspect is a student.

"An altercation broke out and ultimately our suspect pulled out a firearm and, we believe, fired two shots," FAU Police Chief Charles Lowe said.

Officers responding to the scene minutes after a 911 call found shell casings on the floor, Lowe said. Soon after, sirens, mass e-mails and other announcements over the school's public address system notified students of an emergency and warned them to remain indoors.

The alert system was installed just 60 days ago and had not been fully tested.

"It seemed to work," said FAU President Frank Brogan.

CBS News affiliate WFOR correspondent Sharrie Williams spoke to Brogan, who told her, "when that first phone call comes in to the president's home in the middle of the night indicating that there has been a shooting on one of your campuses, it's hard to describe the bone chilling effect that that has."

Brogan said they received word of the shooting at 1:16 a.m. and activated the new Siren System at 1:46 a.m.

FAU student Ayden Mayer told WFOR that he and his friends had joked about what had happened, "but once the alert was posted, we actually got kind of nervous," he said.

Brogan said fewer people were on campus than usual because it is FAU's finals week.

WFOR reported that all Wednesday classes were canceled - in the middle of final exam week - but will resume Thursday. Wednesday's exams will be made up Saturday.

Guns are not permitted at FAU.