Christina Aguilera "Stripped" on the Set of "Burlesque"

Christina Aguilera pictured on the December issue of REDBOOK.
REDBOOK Magazine
Christina Aguilera pictured on the December issue of REDBOOK.
REDBOOK Magazine

CBS NEW YORK Did Christina Aguilera really take her clothes off for her big-screen debut in "Burlesque"?

Sorry to disappoint the fellas, but all you're getting are frilly corsets and garters!

While Aguilera didn't strip down to her birthday suit, she said she did get emotionally naked while on the set with her co-star and new-found confidante Cher, who helped her get through her divorce to her husband, Jordan Bratman.

It's no surprise that Aguilera has found comfort in Cher. who has been through it all and has still come out on top as one of the most iconic divas of our time.

"I love no-bull-(expletive) women, and she's the best of the best," Aguilera says of Cher, who plays Tess, owner of The Burlesque Lounge. "An original trendsetter in her time and a legend in mine. I found her kind and warm. She had helpful advice and stories for days," she told USA Today.

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In the December issue of REDBOOK, the Grammy Award-winning singer/ actress is candid about her personal life, discusses motherhood, her devotion to her son Max, 2, and what motivates her to keep going when the chips are down. She also reveals more details from the set of "Burlesque."

Now back in diva mode, Aguilera is living by the  words of Cher's song, "Strong Enough."

"Every woman has the ability or the drive to do it all and have it all," says Aguilera, who separated from Bratman, just two days before REDBOOK's photos were taken. "Men aren't as strong and capable as we are. We're machines."

So, how does the "Lady Marmalade" singer juggle it all?

"My life is cyclical. First it's album time, then it's touring time. I go through phases, so we roll with the punches. I'm not a 9-to-5 woman who has the same kind of lifestyle for years on end. I couldn't do it. I need the spontaneity, that thrill of change. That's part of how I get inspired," she said. "You know, this is what the cards have in store for Max. We put it into his brain early on that he's a traveling guy. He adapts well when we go from hotel to hotel."

Whether Aguilera lives out of a suitcase or not, she stays grounded through her loyal friendships.

"It's very clear through Christina's music what a strong woman she is," Aguilera's close friend, Nicole Richie told REDBOOK. "But to watch her as a mother only skyrockets the respect I have for her. She is the woman who's recording until 4 a.m. and up at 7 to be with her son. Her dedication to Max is incredible."

"Burlesque," also starring Oscar nominee (for "The Lovely Bones) Stanley Tucci, hits theaters on Nov. 24.

Check out "Burlesque's" trailer below: