3 dead, 2 wounded in Tulsa shooting spree

A woman and two men were shot overnight in Tulsa, Okla., Friday, April 6, 2012 - in one of several shootings within a one-mile radius. Three people are dead and two in critical conditions, in what police and the FBI suspect are racially-motivated shootings.

(CBS/AP) TULSA, Okla. - A spree of early-morning shootings within a one-mile span of north Tulsa in which three people were killed and two critically wounded has lead police to suspect the same attacker or attackers are behind them.

All five of the victims were shot within an hour, and within a 1-mile radius of each other, police sources tell CBS News, and all five victims were out walking when they were shot.

Police are speculating that the shootings were racially motivated because all of the victims are black; it is not believed the victims knew one another.

Police won't know for sure if the shootings are linked until they see the results of ballistic tests.

CBS News has learned that two of the victims described the suspect as a white male, and that four people said they saw a white truck. No one has been arrested.

The FBI is now involved in the investigation.

Black community leaders met Friday evening in an effort to calm unrest and promote safety. NAACP Tulsa president, the Rev. Warren Blakney Sr., told the Tulsa World someone appeared to be "targeting black people to shoot."

"I'm on edge for my people," Blakney said.

Four shooting victims were found in yards, and the fifth in a street. Police identified those killed as Dannaer Fields, 49; Bobby Clark, 54; and William Allen, 31. Fields was found wounded about 1 a.m. Friday. Clarke was found in a street about an hour later. Allen was discovered in the yard of a funeral home about 8:30 a.m.

Minutes after Fields was found, police found two men with gunshot wounds in another yard two blocks away. They were taken to hospitals in critical condition but are expected to survive, police said. Their names have not been released.

Police Capt. Steve Odom said in his 30 years with the police department, he'd never seen so many shootings happen in such a short time.

Walker said detectives interviewed people Friday afternoon in the neighborhoods where the shootings happened and believe a white man driving a white pickup truck may have been involved.

Tulsa City Councilor Jack Henderson urged people to be cautious but not let "some crazy, deranged person mess up their weekend."

"There's no need to become a vigilante," Henderson said, adding that he has been assured police are working on the case as a "24/7 round-the-clock deal."