Your Pet: Pretty In Pink?

Just when you think you've heard and seen it all, along comes a new fashion trend. This time, as News2 Correspondent Julie Chen of CBS station WCBS-TV reports, New Yorkers are having their pets' fur dyed for special occasions.
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Five-and-a-half-year-old Delilah - a Maltese - is about to undergo a transformation: from white to pink. Her owner, Jane Rose says, "If it's not harmful, the most important thing, or uncomfortable - then I'm fine."

Rose loves dressing up her pooch for all occasions. But she figured going pink would be the ultimate costume for all occasions from Halloween to Christmas to Valentine's Day.

She had pet shop owner Eric Gonzalez do the job. You might call him the fur colorist to New York's most fashionable set. He's been dying pets for a year and says animal rights activists need not worry.

"It's very safe. It's food dye," he explains. "Most people give it to their kids in Kool-Aid, cupcakes. If they lick their fur, it's fine."

Let's not forget the cats. They are not the beneficiaries of this beauty treatment as often as dogs. But that's because very few people ever walk their cats. If you can't show it off, why do it?

As for the dogs with color, people passing by on the street couldn't resist a comment or two. As one person said: "A dog with color? It's a fashion statement. It's wonderful. I think it works. We need more of it."

You should be seeing more of it. Gonzalez says that, lately, he's been dying 12 pets a week.

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