'Wreck Of The Day'

Anna Nalick Second Cup Cafe
Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Anna Nalick visits The Saturday Early Show to perform for the Second Cup Café.

The 21-year-old is currently enjoying the burgeoning success of her debut album, "Wreck of the Day," and its breakout single, "Breath (2AM)."

"Wreck of the Day" is a collection of 11 songs with keyboard and guitar-based settings. On her Web site, she writes that the source of her inspiration for her songs are people she knows and situations she has observed.

She says, "They get funneled through my own inner psyche. Whatever the source of the interpretation, the feelings I get are personal. I find a need to write these feelings down in words and the melody follows."

Besides "Wreck of the Day" and "Breath (2AM)," she will perform "In the Rough."

Here are other songs from her album: "Citadel," "Paper Bag," "Satellite," "Forever Love," "In My Head, "Bleed" and "Consider This."

Christopher Thorn of Blind Melon and Eric Rosse, best known for his production work with Tori Amos, produced her album.