Woman Severely Burned in Apparent Acid Attack

A 28-year-old Washington woman severely burned when a stranger threw an acid-like liquid in her face is listed in serious condition in a Portland, Ore., hospital's burn center.

Nancy Neuwelt is the mother of the injured woman, Bethany Storro of Vancouver, Wash. Neuwelt tells The Oregonian her daughter was getting something out of her car in downtown Vancouver when the attack happened Monday evening.

Neuwelt says a young woman walked up to her daughter, said "Hey, pretty girl, do you want to drink this?" and tossed a cup of liquid in Storro's face.

Neuwelt says her daughter bought a pair of sunglasses shortly before the attack, and that may have saved her eyesight. Still, Storro's family says her face will take months to heal.

Vancouver police spokeswoman Kim Kapp says doctors and authorities are trying to determine what kind of substance caused Storro's facial burns.