Wife of NYPD officer, Tsui D'Adamo, lied about alleged assault by masked black man, cops say

Police: Tsui D'Adamo, Wife of a NYPD Officer, Admits She Was Never Assaulted By Masked Black Man

(CBS) Tsui D'Adamo, the wife of a New York City police officer, reportedly lied when she told investigators she had been assaulted outside her Rockland County home on Valentine's Day by a black man wearing a mask.

And there may be an "extramarital angle" to the story.

Police in Clarkstown in suburban New York said Wednesday that the entire story was a ruse and the bruises that D'Adamo "suffered" during the attack were self-inflicted, reports The New York Daily News.

The NYPD began to recognize some inconsistencies in D'Adamo's story and that her bruises did not match up with the severity of the alleged beating.

Before D'Adamo told the truth about the tall tale she had created, "The NYPD had been investigating whether the alleged beating occurred because of allegations that D'Adamo's husband was having an affair with a female NYPD cop, and that friends of the other woman had somehow targeted the wife," reports The Daily News.

D'Adamo, whose husband is Deputy Inspector John D'Adamo, also admitted to police that she had slashed her husband's tires several days prior to the alleged assault, says The Daily News.

She has since been taken to the Rockland County hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, but has not yet been charged with filing a false report, Clarkstown police said.