When Seeing Double Isn't Trouble

At Mulhall Elementary School, almost every classroom has a set of twins.

In the second grade, there are four sets, meaning every teacher's got double vision.

And, when The Early Show National Correspondent Hattie Kauffman stopped in, most of the twins admitted to her that they'd tricked their teachers.

"In preschool," confessed Cassandra Gastelum, "we used to trade classes."

And, adds her twin sister, Alejandra, "We didn't caught! We didn't even get in trouble."

Cassandra and identical twin sister Alejandra found it so funny, they fell to the floor, laughing.

They admit to being double trouble.

"When I get in big trouble, I blame it on (Alejandra)," admits Cassandra.

"And when I get in trouble," concedes Alejandra, "I blame it on (Cassandra)."