When M&Ms Play Cupid

Newlyweds Jonathan Morse and Bonnie Brown from Brick, N.J., have the sweetest story to tell thanks to fate and M&M candies, reports The Early Show's Dave Price.

"I would always buy a bag of peanut M&Ms," says Morse, who is a mail carrier.

He used to deliver mail to the party shop where Brown worked and told her he had loved to eat M&Ms since he was a kid. So she sometimes treated him to a pack. Brown says they flirted, but eventually he moved to another route.

A few years went by and Brown moved into a townhouse on his new route. Morse saw mail with her name, and often wondered if it was Brown. Unbeknownst to him, Brown saw him delivering mail and decided to surprise him with a pack of M&M's in her mailbox.

She said that she hoped he would remember who she was — and he did. They eventually became engaged and Morse came up with the idea to enter "My M&M's Sweetest Wedding Contest," which they won.

One of the prizes was a fancy wedding at the Rainbow Room in New York City, which included exchanging vows that were printed on M&M's.