Welcome to the new MoneyWatch

Jack Otter

Dear MoneyWatch reader,

Welcome to the new CBS MoneyWatch.com. Since we've been covering business, finance, and management alongside CBSNews.com for years, we decided to join forces. We have also added a whole new dimension to MoneyWatch by merging with the former BNET.com, a fantastic source of advice and insights for executives looking to get ahead in today's workplace

You'll recognize much on our new site. The RetirementSaving, and Spending channels remain the same. Our Investing and Long View writers now appear in a new Markets & Investing section, along with a group of commentary bloggers from BNET. In today's market, it seemed odd to separate coverage of economic policy making from advice on the markets. To understand one, you need information on the other.

Thanks to the new resources we are inheriting from BNET, we will bring you unique coverage of management issues and analysis of the worlds' most innovative companies and people. The Small Business channel offers nuts and bolts advice from people who actually run businesses, as well as academics who offer insights gleaned from the latest research. The new Leadership channel will provide you with ideas for inspiring and guiding winning teams, and help you overcome the daily grind and ace your professional life.

Of course you'll have access to MoneyWatch.com's insights into the markets and investing, analysis of the day's business and economics news, and advice for planning -- and thriving in -- retirement. Our Spending and Saving sections offer just what the names imply -- smart advice for making the most of your money. All of this useful information is now paired with the global news coverage of CBSNews.com.

I hope you'll like the new site.


Jack Otter

Executive Editor, CBS MoneyWatch.com