Walmart Fired Worker Who Used Medical Marijuana, Move Upheld by Federal Judge


(CBS/AP) Michigan's medical-marijuana law doesn't prevent Wal-Mart Stores Inc. from firing an employee for using the drug, according to a federal judge.

Judge Robert Jonker ruled Friday in the case of Joseph Casias, who worked at a Walmart in Battle Creek until he tested positive for marijuana in 2009, and got fired. Casias has a medical-marijuana card and said he smoked pot to alleviate symptoms of an inoperable brain tumor and cancer.

The judge says the state's 2008 law only bars authorities from prosecuting people for using medical marijuana, but the law doesn't regulate private employment.

Casias says he didn't smoke marijuana at Walmart or work under the influence.

Attorney Scott Michelman of the American Civil Liberties Union says an appeal is planned. He says the judge's ruling conflicts with the will of Michigan voters.