Wal-Mart shoplifter says he stole to pay off lost bet, say N.J. police

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Wal-Mart shoplifting suspect told police he stole to repay bet
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(CBS/AP) MILLVILLE, N.J. - Here's an ultimatum for you: run through the street in your birthday suit, or steal $50 worth of stuff from Wal-Mart.

Which would you choose?

Fifty-eight-year-old Irwin Krakow, of Millville, N.J., chose the latter, police say, and was arrested Saturday on shoplifting charges, but reportedly told authorities he wishes he had opted for the nude excursion.

Police say Krakow told them he lost a wager and was faced with the option of either stealing or streaking to repay his debt.

The alleged crime and motive were first reported by The Daily Journal of Vineland.

Krakow is charged with stealing a USB card, two spoons, a nutcracker, a decorative tree, and T-shirts, for a grand total of about $43, meaning he fell short of his purported goal.

After his arrest Karkow said he regretted the shoplifting choice, allegedly claiming the fine would have been less for pubic nudity.