Viewers Pick Kitchen Style

The kitchen in Nancy and John Maloney's home in Warwick, R.I., leaves a lot to be desired. They desire a new one and they'll be getting it.

The Maloneys and their six children, five of whom live at home, are

of The Early Show's Kitchen Makeover contest.

But in which style will the Maloney's new kitchen be done: casual, traditional or contemporary?

The design was chosen by online voters and announced on The Early Show Tuesday.

The winner, by an overwhelming majority of 64 percent, was casual.

The Maloney family includes the oldest, Stephanie Clark, who lives nearby and is in the home nearly every day.

It's a pretty busy household and the Maloneys often congregated in the kitchen, inefficient as it is.

Because space is at a premium, Nancy and John converted their dining room into a bedroom. That meant everyone ate in the kitchen.

The kitchen walls have one cabinet. John bought some additional cabinets but couldn't find the wall studs to support them. They now sit out in the garage, along with boxed-up kitchen items such as Nancy's Tupperware, which there's no room for in the soon-to-be-replaced kitchen.

Nancy believes the floor cabinets are as old as the house, which was built in the 1940s. Though made of solid wood, the drawers are difficult to open and the counter resting on them is bowing in the middle.

The dishwasher doesn't work, but is used as a source of storage and counter space. It's where Nancy keeps the toaster and coffee pot.

The family was given a refrigerator as a housewarming gift by John's mother, but it is pretty small, with an even smaller freezer. They kept an extra freezer in their foyer. Nancy's looking forward to getting a refrigerator that's big enough for her large family.

In addition to the new kitchen, the Maloneys get $20,000 in cash. Nancy suggests it's going to be a good Christmas, a time when they usually struggle. Nancy also plans to use the money to stock that new kitchen.

The makeover is estimated to take 30 to 40 days, wrapping up as soon as Oct. 14.

It's being done by Lowe's, which has made a $2 million commitment to match customer donations to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.