Travel Gadgets For More Fun

Whether you're planning a quick weekend getaway or a fabulous all-out vacation, there are lots of new high-tech toys that can make your trip more fun and more relaxing, too.

Brett Larson, the technology editor for WCBS-TV, talks about the following high-tech devices on The Early Show:

Bose Noise Canceling Headset, $299
It blocks out a lot of ambient noise around you. Available at:

Razr Wire, $299
Named after the popular RAZR cell phone, it is built into a pair of Oakley sunglasses. Available at:

Sony DSC-T5, $349.95
This is a super-slim digital camera and boasts 5 megapixels. Available at: and

HP Photosmart 475 GoGo Photo Printer, $299.75
Great for folks on vacation, as they can store the photos on the printer and reuse the camera's media card to take more pictures. Available at:

RCA DVD Player DRC-620N, $249
It's a compact portable DVD player. Available at:

Archos Portable Media Center AV700, $799.95
Think of this as a TiVo to Go. The AV700 can record your favorite TV shows when you're at home, even store photos; then, when you're on vacation, you can watch all your favorites. It plays video, shows photos and can store music, like an iPod. Available at:

Sling Media Slingbox, $249.99
Just as the AV700 will let you take your favorite shows with you anywhere, the Slingbox will let you access your shows from anywhere over the Internet. A program running on your laptop computer can talk to a box you hook up in your house to your cable box or DVR. Then, from anywhere in the world, you can get a broadband connection. You can watch your favorite shows and even change channels. Available at:

Panasonic Internet Camera, $199.95-1,299.95
These Internet cameras will let you watch everything. Available at: