Towards The Flames To Save Man

Gabriel Aubry, left, and Kim Kardashian.
From time to time, The Early Show likes to share the stories of ordinary persons doing something extraordinary. Tuesday, meet two people who risked their own lives to save someone else. Correspondent, Debbye Turner, reports the following story for the American Hero series.
On May 22, 2003, Michael Nolte was trapped in a burning car. Experts say the temperature in the car reached 2,000 degrees in less than 2 seconds. In spite of that, two brave men pulled him out of the terrible inferno to safety.

David Bryan, a Missouri state employee, is always on time. But one fateful Friday morning, he was running late for a meeting.

"It was a very clear morning, blue skies, really a beautiful time to be out driving," he recalls.

Police Chief Troy Brinkoetter was off duty. He had suffered a stroke three days earlier, and was on his way to the hospital for a stress test.

Remembering that morning he says he did not feel that strong. "I had enough to get from the couch to the door without getting out of breath," he says.

Nolte had taken the day off from his bridal shop to arrange for the funeral of a friend. All three were headed East on Missouri's interstate 70.

Tune in Tuesday morning for the complete report.