Top hot deals for March


Chiming in with fellow MoneyWatch blogger Dan Burrows' great piece on the Best things to buy in March, here are a few more special sales you don't want to miss this month, as suggested by researchers at


With Christmas and Valentine's Day behind us, the perfume buying frenzy is over for now. Instead of shopping at department stores, recommends searching for fragrances at off-price retailers like TJMaxx and Marshall's or at warehouse stores like Sam's Club and Costco, where you can find deals for a fraction of the retail price. Also, check out, which is running a clearance on certain items with discounts of up to 70 percent.

Gardening Tools 

Just ahead of the blooming season, March is an opportune time to buy gardening supplies as home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's are busy making room for new spring plants. For example, Home Depot currently has a selection of gardening tools and accessories up to 30 percent off.

China and Flatware 

With wedding season approaching and couples registering for housewares, department stores will be touting their new collections and tossing older styles in the clearance bins. If you don't care about keeping up with the latest in flatware, you may find some great steals on last season's variety.  Macy's has more than 130 sale items in its flatware category. also has a number of clearance items this month, such as this 16-piece dinner set for $100, originally $320.

Air Conditioners 

Who buys an AC in March? Exactly! figures March will be the last month to take advantage of off-season pricing, as well as clearance units from 2011. Check out my related story, Best air conditioners for $300 or less.

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