To Catch a Thief, Delaware Woman Jumps on Top of Moving Stolen Car

(AP Graphic)

(CBS/AP) A Delaware woman got taken for a ride - but it could have been worse.

The woman, desperate to stop a car thief, jumped on the hood of her vehicle as it was being stolen and hung on for a few blocks before she was thrown off, say police.

It happened Sunday about 3:10 p.m. at a gas station in Delaware City. New Castle County police say the woman left the car running and went into the gas station when a man got into the car.

Officers say the woman jumped onto the hood of her car as the suspect was driving away, but was thrown from it a few blocks from the gas station. She got cuts on her hands, knees and elbow.

An off-duty detective saw the stolen car and arrested a 22-year-old suspect, who is now jailed on charges of carjacking and other offenses.