Time to Re-Gift? NYC Woman Silvia Olveira Claims Boss Gave Her Sex Toy, Sues for Harassment

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Boss Gives Worker Vibrating Dildo
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(CBS) A New York woman is suing her boss after he allegedly gave her a sex toy for her 33rd birthday, but no cake.

Aren't birthdays the worst?

Silvia Olveira claims she was subjected to discrimination and harassment based upon sex while she was employed by Ibrahim Mansi at his firm in Astoria, New York.

According to the lawsuit which was posted on The Gothamist, Olveira claims the overt and intentional acts of sexual harassment by her supervisor which began shortly after she was hired October 2008 forced her to quit her job at Mansi International, LLC in February 2009.

Olviera claims that throughout her tenure, Mansi would constantly discuss matters of a sexual nature, including descriptions of sexual exploits with his wife and mistress, which made her feel uncomfortable.

However, Mansi was not content with his over-sharing and insisted on various occasions that Olveira participate by providing the details of her love life.

Olveira claims that throughout her tenure she made it clear to her supervisor that she was uninterested in his sexual advances, but Mansi was relentless and repeatedly slapped her buttocks, tried to hug and kiss her, repeatedly asked her to sit on his lap, commented on her breasts and buttocks, and last, but not least, requested to issue her salary by placing it in her pants, says the suit.

However, the icing on the cake was the gift she allegedly received from Mansi on her birthday.

"Usually, I get a cake for my employees," Olveira said he told her, reports The New York Post.

"When I opened it, I saw this thing. I was like, what is this? I didn't know what to do in that moment. I went outside and took the bag and threw it in the garbage. I called him and said, 'Don't do that anymore, '" Olveira told The Post.

To which Mansi allegedly replied, "'Come on, girl. You don't know how to enjoy your life.'"

Mansi has denied all of the allegations and claims he is being blackmailed.