Tenn. Woman Steals SUV from Fire Station, Didn't Want to Walk Home, Say Cops

Sabrina R. Stiltner (Contributed / Washington County Detention Center)
Tenn. Woman Arrested for Stealing Car from Fire Station, Says She Was Tired of Walking
Sabrina Stiltner (Washington County Detention Center)

(CBS/AP) Apparently it's cold enough in Tennessee to make one woman steal a car from a fire station rather than walk three blocks home, according to Johnson City, Tenn. police.

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33-year-old Sabrina Stiltner was arrested Sunday after a firefighter, and owner of the stolen car, Kerry L. Phillips, watched her drive off in his SUV that was parked in front of the station, the Johnson City Press reported.

Phillips followed Stiltner a few blocks to a convenience store and then called the police, according to a news release.

When police arrested Stiltner a short time later, she reportedly told them that she was cold and didn't want to walk so she stole the car to drive to the store and then back home - three blocks from the fire station, the Press reported.

Stiltner also told police that she had planned to leave the car where the owner would find it.

Where? Back at the fire station, three blocks from her house?

Police say Stiltner's driver's license was revoked in 2010 after a DUI conviction. She is charged with felony theft of a motor vehicle and driving on a suspended license and was being held on $11,000 bail as of Monday.