Survivor: Guatemala

This season, 16 castaways will be stranded amid the ancient Mayan ruins of northern Guatemala.

It's in the harsh Central American jungle that members of the new cast will compete against each other, and the elements, for the $1 million prize and the right to be called the "Survivor."

The contestants (watch videos) were announced on The Early Show.

If the name Gary Hogeboom sounds familiar is because the Grand Haven, Mich., resident played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

"I don't want to go by my last name on the show," the 46-year-old says, "People would vote me off immediately if someone knew I was in the NFL. Everyone thinks we made big money. I was pre-big money."

He is not the only one who wants to downplay his identity. New York City resident, Brian Corridan doesn't want others to know he is an Ivy League student.

"It's a big secret," the 22-year-old says, "That's just a stupid thing to tell people. It hides my intelligence. You don't come out here and tell people you're better then them. That's just dumb."

Dallas resident, Blake Towsley's strategy is to play the love game. The 24-year-old who sells commercial real estate says, I can't see myself establishing a relationship on 'Survivor,' but it's a facet that I will exploit to the best of my ability in order to win."

Well, he probably will not have any luck with 39-year-old Amy O'Hara. She is a police sergeant in Revere, Mass., and she warns, "If you think you're going to play me, think again."

Brianna Varela, a make-up artist from Edmunds, Wash., plans to use her powers of persuasion.

"I sell $285 wrinkle cream. Do you really need $285 wrinkle cream?" the 21-year-old asks, "That's my job. I sell women what they don't need."

Perhaps expect to see some magic from Decatur, Ill., resident, Morgan McDevitt. The 21-year-old works as a magician's assistant.

But you won't see any girly girl stuff from Danni Boatwright. The sports radio talk show host in Tonganoxie, Kans. Says, "Some of my friends say I'm like six inches away from being a guy. I'm such a tomboy. I love sports, etc. There's nothing girly about me." She is 30 years old.

Also from Kansas is Brandon Bellinger. The 22-year-old farmer is from Manhattan. From Naples, Fla., is 31-year-old Cindy Hall. She is a zookeeper.

Lydia Morales, 42, is a fishmonger in Lakewood, Wash. Jamie Newton, 24, is a water-ski instructor from North Hollywood, Calif. Judd Sergeant, 34, of Ridgefield, N.J. works as a doorman at a New York City hotel.

Brook Struck is 26 and a law student in Santa Monica, Calif. Also a student is Rafe Judkins. The 22-year-old is from Providence, R.I.

Margaret Bobonich, 43, is a family nurse practitioner from Chardon, Ohio. And Jim Lynch is a retired fire captain from Northglenn, Colo. At age 63, he is this season's oldest competitor.

Who among these 16 castaways will be able to "Outwit, Outplay and Outlast" the others for 39 days of intense competition in the Central American rainforest? Only the Mayan spirits know for sure.

In addition to the grueling overnight hike, the castaways will be faced with two additional surprises in the first episode that will dramatically impact how they play the game.

The 11th edition of the Emmy Award-winning series debuts on Thursday, Sept. 15, from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.