Storm Newborns: Hope Amid Despair

mother and newborn pictue, from tracy smith
CBS/The Early Show
Hospitals in New Orleans are running on empty.

With power out, and backup generators straining to carry the load, the most critically ill patients have been evacuated, and others will follow soon.

But, as The Early Show National Correspondent Tracy Smith found out, there are some small miracles to be thankful for. Keyword: small.

Babies are coming into the world there, Hurricane Katrina or not.

Smith describes one hospital as an "island in an ocean of despair."

"We are functioning. Access is a problem, and we are at capacity," says Ochsner Hospital CEO Pat Quinlan.

While so much of New Orleans has been swallowed by water, Ochsner sits eight feet above sea level, which means it, and its patients, have been spared.

"Many people in our crew right now have lost their homes. They're gone. And they're not focusing on that. They're focusing on, 'I'm gonna take care of patients, take care of my colleagues, and we're gonna get through this.' This is our home, right here. We're fine."

Beaty Kailey was born Monday, but originally, her mother had chosen a different name: Katrina.

Not anymore.