Stephen Lamm is really desperate for a drink, say Pittsburgh police

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(CBS/AP) PITTSBURGH - I intend to keep robbing this liquor store until I get it right.

To hear Pittsburgh authorities tell it, that sounds like the motto of one Stephen Lamm, who they say broke into the same liquor store five times - most recently after he had just been released on bond for the first four break-ins.

Lamm, who's 40, was in the Allegheny County Jail as of Friday, shortly after he had been released on bond.

Police say they arrested Lamm outside a downtown liquor store early Thursday morning after responding to a report of broken glass. Police say two bottles of vodka fell out of Lamm's coat after he was arrested.

According to local station WTAE, surveillance video showed Lamm broke into the same store on Jan. 27, Jan. 29, Jan. 30 and Feb. 1, when he was arrested and charged for all four of those break-ins. A district judge released Lamm from jail on those charges a few days before attempted liquor store theft #5.