Stars Step Up For Natalee

It's been almost three months since American teenager Natalee Holloway vanished in Aruba. Extensive searches of the Caribbean island have turned up few clues and investigators appear to be are at a loss.

But, reports CBS News Correspondent Kelly Cobiella, that hasn't stopped the teen's family and friends at home from giving up hope.

For three months, Mountain Brook, Ala. has been waiting and praying for Holloway to return.

"Everybody has been touched by this, so they all want to participate and help," says family friend Jodi Bearman.

That includes Mountain Brook's most famous "Friend," Courtney Cox, who graduated from the same high school as Holloway.

Cox and husband David Arquette wanted to help raise money to keep the search for Natalee alive.

So, says Holloway's aunt, Marcia Twitty, "They came up with this idea, 'What about a celebrity auction?' And we were like, 'That sounds cool!' "

Twitty says she was amazed by what happened next: donations from celebrities, the sports world, and beyond.

In the room where the auction was held Thursday night, one table had nothing but items contributed by the cast of the hit TV show "Friends," which Cox starred in.

There was a whole row of celebrity guitars, from Sting, Alan Jackson, and Bobby Weir.

The Grateful Dead sent an autographed drumhead along.

"Ruben Studdard, remember Ruben?" asked Twitty. "Ruben sent things for us."

The NFL donated a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl.

A piece of NASCAR driver Jimmy Johnson's race car was signed. Of course!