Scott Peterson: Destined To Kill?

When Scott Peterson's maternal grandfather was murdered in 1945, it was the first link in a chain of events that would form a "psychological perfect storm" that led Peterson to slay his wife, Laci, and their unborn son, Connor, according to forensic psychiatrist Keith Ablow.


co-anchor Hannah Storm on The Early Show Tuesday that, like the rest of America, he looked at Scott and saw a good-looking man with a pretty wife and a baby on the way, and wondered how he could kill her.

But it's his professional calling to find out what makes murderers do what they do, so he delved deeply into Scott's background.

The result is his new book, "Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson."

To read an excerpt of "Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson," click here.

Ablow says the seeds of Laci's demise were planted Dec. 22, 1945, when Scott's maternal grandfather was murdered with a rusty pipe for about $600.

"That," says Ablow, "set in motion a chain of events that was nearly inescapable for him and that truly besieged his soul.

"His grandfather is murdered. His mother, Jackie, is placed in an orphanage because her own mother feels incapable of mothering her alone. It's not any orphanage. It's what's been called 'a cesspool of pedophilia,' since. She's separated from her brothers there. She emerges, takes care of her mother, who then dies on her.

"She has two children. She gives both of those children up when the men leave her — abandonment again — for adoption."

But she later had and kept Scott who, Ablow says, was "objectified. His humanity didn't matter. He needed to suffocate himself and drown himself, essentially to death, spiritually, to be in this family.