S.C. Woman Mauled to Death by 2 Dogs

Sam the Rottweiler - the dog that William Babner had used to intimidate Dan was also in the house. Babner was registered as Sam's owner.
Northeastern Regional Police Dept.

(CBS/AP) COLUMBIA, S.C. - Sheriff's deputies say two dogs have mauled a South Carolina woman to death and injured their owner.

Capt. Cliff Arnette says the victim was attacked in her front yard Thursday afternoon in Dillon, by two Rottweilers.

Arnette says the Rottweilers' owner tried to save the woman when at least one of the dogs attacked him. He says deputies shot the two dogs after the animals continued to swarm responders trying to help.

The woman's name has not been released, and Arnette says investigators don't know why the dogs attacked her. The owner was taken to a hospital.

Dillon is a city about 100 miles northeast of Columbia.