Romney on charity, church, and taking a salary

(CBS News) When Mitt Romney took over the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, he refused a salary for the job. He didn't take a salary as governor of Massachusetts, either.

When CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley pointed the pattern out in an interview with Romney and his wife, Ann Romney, she laughed, "Oh, I know where you're going with this one."

The former governor and GOP presidential nominee wouldn't say whether he would accept the roughly $400,000 a year salary that comes with the White House if he wins in November, saying only, "I have no announcement. ... We'll see what the future holds."

But the Romneys stressed in the interview that they have long been involved in charity and service, particularly through the Mormon church, where Mitt Romney served as a bishop -- the leader of a local congregation similar to a pastor, priest, or rabbi.

Ann Romney said she doesn't understand the perception that Romney is stiff or uncomfortable in front of crowds. Instead, she said, her husband is someone who is "generous with his time and his talents through everything he's done in his life and is always reaching out and helping others" and "that's the side of him that people don't know about."

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The Romneys have said they give 10 percent of their money to the church and are committed to giving 10 percent of their time to service -- although that may change if Mitt Romney becomes president.

"Ten percent of my time is donated to things of -- of a community nature, a national nature, church nature. The church required that kind of time of me, when I had a responsibility as the pastor of a congregation," Mitt Romney said,

But, "I don't expect my church over the next eight years will be asking for any of my time if I'm successful and in -- in winning this election," he said with a laugh.

"But I don't think you ever stop serving," Ann Romney said. "He will be serving in a much different way."

Pelley spoke to both Romneys in a wide-ranging interview last Friday.

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