Renewed S.C. Flag Flap

south carolina flag graphic
The NAACP says it will continue its push to remove the Confederate flag from Statehouse grounds.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People says it will keep telling athletes, entertainers and other prominent persons nationwide not to spend money or perform in South Carolina, said National Field Director Nelson B. Rivers III.

“South Carolina is confused,” Rivers said Saturday. “The rest of the country is united after 9-11, but South Carolina continues to have two flags.

“Is she going to stand with the rest of the country to be united by the United States flag or will she continue to embrace the symbol of hatred, racism and terrorism? If she insists on embracing this, she should pay the price for it.”

Some state lawmakers have said the Confederate flag was no longer an issue after it was removed from atop the Statehouse in July 2000. A similar flag was placed at the Confederate Soldier Monument.

State NAACP President James Gallman the organization will honor this year “the one and only flag, the American flag.”

CBS News reporter Jim Krasula reports the South Carolina NAACP chapter will detail plans this weekend for another Martin Luther King Day protest at the state capitol on Jan. 21. It will be the third consecutive year for such a march and rally.

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