Rashidah Ali, "Reality Housewife," Used a Razor to Slice NYC Bouncer's Face, Say Court Records

Rashidah Ali (Personal Photo)
Rashidah Ali, Reality TV Star, Allegedly Used a Razorblade to Slice Bouncer's Face, Says Documents
Rashidah Ali (Personal Photo)
(CBS) Rashidah Ali, the television personality and fashion consultant accused of slicing a New York City bouncer from his hairline to his mouth, allegedly used a razor to inflict the injury which required 50 stitches and severed an artery and a nerve, the according to court documents.

Bouncer Joseph Wright is suing Ali, who has made several guest appearances on "Basketball Wives" and "Real Housewives of Atlanta, for $10 million for the Jan. 26 melee that left his face maimed.

The 27-year-old Ali, who was released on $10,000 bail after she reportedly turned herself in to police Friday, is facing felony assault charges for the vicious attack, according to The New York Daily News.

However, Ali's publicist Soulgee McQueen claims Wright is lying because his statements to investigators continue to change, says The Daily News.

Originally, Wright reportedly told police that he "felt her hand reach through" and that her nail caused the deep laceration; however, now Wright is adding the weapon allegation and told investigators that Ali swiped at his "face with a razor blade."

McQueen claims his client was not involved and that Wright's story changed after it was clear that Ali's nails could not have caused the seven-inch long cut, reports The Daily News.

Wright's lawyer Paul Edelstein agrees that even a "perfectly manicured nail" could not have caused the gash, but he maintains that the defendant was involved and must have used "something other than a nail to do that."

Edelstein told The Daily News that his client will have a permanent scar and will not be able to furrow his brow for the time being.

February 9, 2011 - Rashidah Ali, Reality TV Star, Sued By New York Bouncer for $10 Million