Printing Your Photos Online

Woman uses Fuji Film digital photo kiosk to print pictures from her digital camera
Admit it. You've snapped a ton of photos this summer of the kids hanging out by the pool or enjoying the wild rides at the amusement park. But if you're like millions of Americans, most of those digital photos will never be printed.

So Regina Lewis, AOL's online adviser, visits the Saturday Early Show to offer great ways to share those favorite family moments. The following is her advice:

Transfer the shots to your computer. Whether you're going to print pictures at home on a photo printer or upload them to a photo site, you've got to first get them on your computer. Most cameras these days connect through a simple USB cord and come with software that will automatically transfer the pictures to the "My Pictures" folder on your computer.

Print at Home vs. Online Photo Sites
It's worth learning how to use online photo sites. It's not only less expensive, but there are so many things you can do with your photos. More and more consumers are starting to go the route of online photo finishers. Experts say, with the cost of ink and photo paper, the average cost for printing one 4-by-6 at home ranges from 25 to 35 cents!

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