Possibly the world's worst commercial, this week on The Feed!

This week's most popular viral videos include a thirsty moose, a day in the life of a pizza handling tool, a stunning killer whale attack, sleepy cats with watermelons, what's being called the world's worst commercial and a tortoise chasing a remote control truck.

First up, UDWR captured a moose up close and personal, drinking water from a sprinkler in Bear lake, Utah.

GoPro cameras can mount on to almost anything. Check out the delicious results that occurred after haberdashery12 mounted one to a pizza handling tool.

Watch a killer whale whack a sea lion with its tail and send it flipping and flying through the air, in this video shared by Anglers Adventures - Ketchikan, Alaska.

Watermelons are not known for being good pillows, but, as this video from shironekoshiro shows, they seem to work for cats.

Also, shironekoshiro shares a little-known pet fashion tip -- hollowed out watermelons make great cat hats.

Potatoflesh shared this back to school commercial for the East Hills Shopping Center in St. Joseph, Missouri. Some are calling it the worst commercial of all time. However, its already reached over 1.7 million people in less than a week, and isn't that the point of advertising?

The noble tortoise is pretty much synonymous with being slow. But, if this video from John Walkenbach has tort-us anything, it's that that's just not true. Look at this little guy go.

BONUS (sorta... depending on how you look at it): Nick Dietz, host of The Feed, answered the oh-so-popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Check it out.

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