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Ernest Hemingway would have been 100 this year. To mark the occasion, CBS News Sunday Morning devotes this Web site to an exploration of the writer's adopted home, Cuba. Here is the Cuba where Hemingway wrote his last novel, which will be published only this year. And, here is Cuba as it is today--its people, its politics, its music and its sports.color>size>

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Inside La Finca Vigia: Anchor Charles Osgood meets two of the author's trusted friends: Rene Villarreal, his houseman of 22 years, and 101-year-old Gregorio Fuentes, captain of Hemingway's boat, Pilar. Fuentes has a story to tell about an old man and the sea.

Welcome To Havana: Correspondent Martha Teichner takes a look at the profound changes in today's Cuba as it reemerges as a popular vacation destination in the face of the continuing U.S. embargo.

The Man And The Legend: What is Hemingway's legacy? Some tall tales, and a sprawling tourist industry. And, above all, the work. Anchor Charles Osgood talks to John Updike, A.E. Hotchner, and others.

The Call Of The Wild:'s Gary Paul Gates looks at the connection between Hemingway's sporting life and his work, and relates a literary anecdote.

Papa And Fidel: Anchor Charles Osgood recounts the brief moment when two giants of the 20th century met--at a fishing contest.

The Heartbeat Of Cuba: Correspondent Alison Stewart explores Cuba's musical heritage with Diosdado Ramos, director of Cuba's most celebrated rumba band.

A Passion For Sports: Correspondent Bill Geist talks with three major Cuban sports figures about the country's phenomenal success in athletics.

There also are three exclusive "Reporter's Notebooks" for

Cuba By Day: Alison Stewart recalls the people and moments she met on a day off in Havana.

At The Ambos Mundos Hotel: Martha Teichner meets the people behind the scenes at an old Hemingway haunt.

Discoveries And Mojitos: Bill Geist hunts out the best secret places to eat and drink.

And in keeping with the tradition of Sunday Morning:

Wildlife In Cuba: Our Nature Endpiece highlights an island rich with birds.

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