Nevada Governor-Elect Cleared Of Charges

Nevada Governor-elect Jim Gibbons will not be prosecuted on allegations that he assaulted a cocktail waitress in a parking garage three weeks before Election Day.

"You may consider the case against Governor-elect Jim Gibbons closed," Clark County District Attorney David Roger said Wednesday, adding that there was insufficient evidence to prove criminal charges against Gibbons "beyond a reasonable doubt."

However, Roger said prosecutors would investigate separate allegations made by Chrissy Mazzeo, 32, and her lawyers that people associated with Gibbons tried to interfere with the investigation.

"There are allegations that certain individuals tried to influence Miss Mazzeo's testimony to police," Roger said, declining to identify the individuals. "We are going to investigate those allegations."

"We're going to go wherever the investigation takes us," Roger added, but said investigators "do not believe Mr. Gibbons was directly or indirectly involved in this activity."

Gibbons' spokesman Brent Boynton said Rogers' decision came as "no surprise to anyone who knows Jim Gibbons, because we have known that he did nothing inappropriate and there was nothing to these allegations all along."

"He is pleased this matter is finally resolved and justice has been served," Boynton said.