Behold: A 5-story vending machine that dispenses cars

Carvana's Nashville automobile vending machine.


This is how George Jetson would buy a new car.

Online auto retailer Carvana just launched a first fully automated, five-story, coin-operated car vending machine in Nashville, Tennessee.

The machine itself is a large glass tower that stores up to 20 cars. After selecting -- and paying for -- a car online, a customer then chooses their name from a kiosk inside the building and inserts a Carvana-branded coin into a slot. The car is then moved down through the tower and into a delivery bay. From there, the customer has the car for a seven-day test ownership period.

Don't live in Tennessee but still want your car delivered in the way you would get a soda or a bag of potato chips? No problem -- Carvana will subsidize $200 in airfare and bring you to your new car in style. They'll arrange for white glove transportation so that customers can pick their vehicles up from the vending machine.

"Carvana's mission is to create a better way to buy a car," Carvana CEO Ernie Garcia said in a statement. "This new vending machine will be a one-of-a-kind experience that mirror just how simple and easy we've made it to buy a car online."

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