Nagin's Second Inauguration

Four years removed from his first inauguration, the city's 60th mayor showed some signs of rust seconds before getting sworn into office, raising the wrong hand before Judge Ronald Sholes.

But Nagin promised fewer glitches during his second term saying he's rested for, what he called, an extraordinary opportunity.

"You have a reinvigorated, much wiser mayor," Nagin said.

And in his second term, being wiser means working together. Mayor Nagin stressed the importance of one New Orleans. To prove it, he even invited his opponent Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu, his sister Senator Mary Landrieu and Governor Kathleen Blanco.

"We are a team. This governor, this mayor, lt. governor, legislators. We are a team," said Governor Blanco.

Nagin highlighted some of this team's priorities for the next four years, including improving police pay, public schools, having affordably housing and healthcare.

"New Orleans once again has the opportunity like no other city in the country. To rebuild, to restore and start anew. Katrina is our testimony. Rebuilding is our faith and action," Nagin expressed.

But he closed his address with an unscripted message directed to citizens. If New Orleans will be rebuilt don't solely rely on government.

"It's not on President Bush, Blanco, not on Ray Nagin. It's on you. And if you don't hear anything else I say today, get off your duffs. Control your own destiny,", Nagin added.
by Lee Zurik