Murder-suicide over a dog? Ill. man allegedly shot daughter's boyfriend, himself

(AP Photo, file)
Murder-suicide over a dog? Ill. Man Allegedly Shot Daughter's Boyfriend, Himself

(CBS/AP) PALATINE, Ill. - It was an argument about the family dog that police in Palatine say pushed 49-year-old Edward Kuemper over the edge to shoot and kill his daughter's boyfriend, then turn the gun to himself.

Investigators say Kuemper killed 21-year-old Bradley Morrison of Arlington Heights on Sunday night during the argument before taking his own life.

Police said it happened after Morrison went to get a puppy from Kuemper, and Kuemper wouldn't give up the dog.

Police found Morrison dead on the front porch and Kuemper on the front lawn.

Officials say they found a handgun at the scene.

Deputy Police Chief Al Stoeckel called the shootings "a very unfortunate situation."

He says officers will continue to investigate but believe it is a murder-suicide.