MTV Exec Stands by Skins Amid Uproar, Ratings Slide, Says Report

MTV Exec Stands by Skins, Amid Uproar About Sexual Content, Says Report
"Skins" Actress Britne Oldford (MTV)

(CBS/AP) MTV's racy teen drama "Skins" lost its ninth advertiser Tuesday amid concerns that the show's sexual content may risk breaking the law, but network execs maintain that the controversy has been good for the show, according to a report.

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"I think it's always good when people are talking about you and people are certainly talking about [Skins]," programing chief David Janollari told The Hollywood Reporter.

The Parents Television Council, a watchdog group, has blasted the series' content and accused MTV of aiming the show at underage viewers. The New York Times reported Jan. 19 that unnamed executives at the network were concerned that some scenes in upcoming episodes might violate federal child pornography laws.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ratings for "Skins" are down significantly from its premiere; 1.5 million viewers tuned in for Monday's show versus 3 million for premiere episode. 

Janollari described the ratings as "trending relatively steady."

He also described "Saturday Night Live" spoofing the show as "flattering."

Since the premiere, a number of advertisers - including Schick, Taco Bell, L'Oreal and the Subway sandwich chain - have pulled their commercials from the program.

Based on an acclaimed British series of the same name, MTV's Americanized "Skins" depicts teens engaging in sexual activity as well as drug and alcohol abuse.

The show's producers had been ordered to make changes to "tone down some of the most explicit content," the Times reported.