Missing Ga. 12-year-old Pricilla Ristick found safe in Las Vegas

Pricilla Ristick
Pricilla Ristick

(CBS/WGCL) GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - The search for missing Georgia 12-year-old Pricilla Ristick is over, with a happy ending. The girl was found a long way from home - on the streets of Las Vegas - unharmed.

Ristick was last seen at the Lilburn strip mall parking lot in Georgia. She and her uncle, Joey Thompson, were taking a break from selling flowers to grab some pizza Feb. 20.

"All he [Thompson] did was go wash his hands in the store, and before you know it, she went out the door. My brother saw her walk out and he said 'come back, come back. She said 'no I'm going to get money from this lady.' She told her uncle the lady promised her some money to buy flowers," said her mother Julia Ristick to CBS affiliate WGCL.

According to Gwinnett County police, Ristick started calling her uncle on Thursday, Feb. 24 from a blocked number. Ristick told him she was being held against her will in a room full of people, reported WGCL.

Ristick called him again with a different story, stating that she was at a Kroger's in Atlanta and didn't want to go home, but this time the investigators were listening in, according to the station.

The police were able to trace the call to an intersection in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Police Department went to her location and took her into custody.

Ristick told the LVPD that she caught a bus to Las Vegas and had been there for one or two days.

Police are still investigating whether or not someone aided Ristick in leaving Georgia. The police released pictures from surveillance video that shows Pricilla approaching a white van at the strip mall.